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CP Calendar
for September 2020

This Calendar shows you the Assetto Corsa Competizione Competitive schedule for every month.

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Top 5 ACC Streamers

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YouTube streamers!

Free setup from one of the fastest Sim-Racer
Maciej "Tortellinii" Malinowski!

Maciej Malinowski is often seen in Jardier’s streams as one of the fastest competitors. He has also a YouTube Channel where he shows his fastest Hotlaps with different cars and setups. You can also download the free ACC setup and moTec in his YouTube description. Here is one of his Hotlaps on Brands Hatch with the Ferrari 488 Gt3.

TOP 5 Jardier's most entertaining Streams!

GT4 Pack
YouTube Preview by Chris Haye

Best tips and tricks from an ACC Employe!