Top 5 ACC Streamers​

Best Assetto Corsa Competizione Streamers to watch

In this list you will find YouTubers that stream mostly Assetto Corsa Competizione. They are not ranked by their subscription quantity, but of course this is a factor.

Nils Naujoks

5. Nils Naujoks

As Nils said, he is a “(former) professional Sim-Racer since 2003 and now manager of Red Bull Racing Esports as well as G2 Sim Racing.”

Beside the stream he explains Sim-racing, driving techniques, telemetry and setups.

  • Drives in different leagues
  • Over 6.500 subscribers on YouTube
  • Over 360.000 views
  • country: Germany
  • language: english
  • Streams usually 2-3 Times per month
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Pawel "Kus-Kus" Fedjanin

4. Kus-Kus Racing

Kus-Kus is the biggest YouTube Streamer in this list. Pawel is not a professional Sim-Racer, but he can be very entertaining even for not russian speakers. With his low temper things can escalate very easily.


  • Drives in public servers, Competitive and different leagues
  • Over 110.000 subscribers on YouTube
  • Over 17.000.000 views
  • country: Russia
  • language: russian
  • Streams ACC usually 2-3 Times per week
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David Perel

3. David Perel

David is not only a professional Racing Driver, but a Sim-Racer also. On the official ACC YouTube channel you can find him teach the basics (so far) about racing in ACC.

  • Drives in different leagues
  • Over 40.000 subscribers on YouTube
  • Over 3.200.000 views
  • Streams usually once per week
  • country: South Africa
  • language: english
  • Check out David’s Coach Dave Academy videos
Aristotelis "Aris.Drives" Vasilakos

2. Aris Drives

Aris works for Kunos Simulazioni. He is Kunos Simulazioni’s Vehicle Dynamics specialist and knows pretty much everything about ACC.

  • Drives in different leagues
  • Over 15.000 subscribers on YouTube
  • Over 920.000 views
  • Streams usually 2-3 Times per week
  • country: Italy
  • language: english, italian
  • Check out Aris’ best tips and tricks in ACC
Jaroslav "Jardier" Honzik

1. Jardier

Jardier is a very fast Sim-Racer, but he is entertaining also! He has still time to talk with his viewers even while he races with Charles Leclerc.

  • Drives in different leagues and with fans
  • Over 30.000 subscribers on YouTube
  • Over 5.700.000 views
  • Streams usually 5-6 Times per week
  • High quality stream
  • country: Czech Republic
  • language: english
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