Best tips and tricks from the ACC Employe Aris Drives!

Who is Aris Drives?

AristotelisAris.DrivesVasilakos is Kunos Simulazioni’s Vehicle Dynamics specialist. On his YouTube channel he explains everything about the cars, the tracks and the game in general. Here are some of his best Assetto Corsa Competizione advices.

How Sim-Racers aka "aliens" gain seconds per lap

Maciej “Tortellinii” Malinowski, a very fast Sim-Racer, gives his advice on breaking later when you are in the middle of the track. Aris visualizes it on Spa.

Rain and dry tyres? Drive over marbles to get more grip.

“In Assetto Corsa Competizione marbles, the small tyre chunks that deposit at the side of the racing line, are not just graphical. They attach to the tyres and change the characteristics of the tyres in the most surprising ways.”-- Aris

How to catch a drift or slide

Aris explains his technique to catch the car when it begins to slide.

The difference between TC1 and TC2 on Assetto Corsa Competizione

Some cars on ACC have Traction Control 1 and 2. They have different functionality and influence, which Aris Drives explains in this 10 minutes long video. 

Force Feedback for Logitech G29, Thrustmaster T300 and more!

Here Aris gives his advice on Force Feedback settings for

Logitech G29, Thrustmaster T300, Fanatec Podium Wheel Base DD2 and the Fanatec ClubSport Wheel Base (WSC) racing wheels.

The only time you can go over the pit limiter without being disqualified

Here Aris shows us when you can go 60 km/h in the pit lane without getting penalized.

How and when to Pit Stop in Assetto Corsa Competizione

This one is for the beginners. Find out if the Pit Stop is mandatory in your race.

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